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Today’s healthcare systems are overloaded and overwhelmed. Patients expect real-time communication and access to information more than ever before. This trend has been amplified, in large part, due to COVID-19 as patients demand greater personalization and faster response times.

While scheduling certainly isn’t glamorous, it is the lifeblood of every practice. Without an effective scheduling process in place, medical practices are at risk of lost revenue and increased costs, when combined, this could ultimately lead to long-term operational challenges. Putting a strong schedule management program in place can create significant business opportunities for medical practices of all sizes.

Using voice technology, such as Alexa and Siri, is more natural, more intuitive, and easily accessible than ever before. From changing appointments to cancellations, our eBook provides insight into how the power of voice can help your practice run smoother and more profitably, while simultaneously improving the overall patient experience.

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VoCall is a scheduling voice assistant for medical practices that uses natural language voice technology to allow patients to easily call and manage their appointments over the phone.

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