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See How Voice Technology Can Improve Your Practice Scheduling

Learn more about how your practice can benefit from VoCall’s Scheduling Voice Assistant to give patients the ability to more efficiently confirm, change and cancel appointments, save your schedulers time so they can focus on more critical tasks, and grow your practice by filling in available slots and reducing no-shows.

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Give your scheduling heroes the help they need.

Save your staff from listening to hundreds of voicemails a day. Automate this mundane process and let Amie take patient scheduling calls so your staff can focus on areas that actually improve your practice and make an impact across the practice.

Build a thriving practice by reducing downtime.

VoCall provides true cost savings and business continuity for your practice by limiting empty time slots on the schedule as the result of cancelled or re-scheduled appointments. Scheduling is complex, but when practice revenues and reputations are at stake, nothing could be more important to solve.

Let your patients control their scheduling experience.

Most patients prefer to call to make their appointments, and with VoCall, you can allow your patients to schedule appointments however they like. Your practice can ensure scheduling will never miss a beat, your patients maintain control over their experience – and they never land in voicemail.

VoCall is a scheduling voice assistant for medical practices that uses natural language voice technology to allow patients to easily call and manage their appointments over the phone.

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