Enhance Your Patient

Enhance Your Patient Engagement

Learn more about how you can use voice technology, like Alexa or Siri, to streamline scheduling can have a significant impact on your patients’ overall experience.

VoCall puts the power back in your patients’ hands

Your patients are tired of waiting. And offering a more convenient way to schedule can go beyond saving staff time and reducing phone volume – fewer phone calls and faster response times can actually create opportunities for higher satisfaction, and ultimately stronger engagement, throughout the entire patient journey.

Designed specifically for medical practices, VoCall is a first-of-its-kind voice assistant that easily plugs into your existing phone tree and allows patients to call the practice the same way they always have and confirm, cancel and change an appointment — at any time, day or night!

Using voice technology is natural, intuitive, and easily accessible – and can often be more convenient than logging on to an online portal.

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Despite advances in technology, phone calls are still the preferred way of scheduling. In fact, 65% of all patients prefer to schedule appointments by phone in lieu of other methods. And half of all patients who call doctors’ offices are not able to book an appointment on the first call. And those who don’t get through will often continue to try until their need is met. This leads to more phone calls, more time on hold, more frustration for the patient, and a higher burden for internal staff.

When setting, changing, or cancelling an appointment, 65% of patients still prefer to call. Yet the average time it takes to change an appointment is 4 to 6 minutes.

When patients feel empowered and in control of their schedule, they’re more likely to show up. So making it easier to confirm, cancel, or change appointments can go a long way to helping your practice and your patients achieve a shared vision – healthier and happier people.

“Today, using voice technology, such as Alexa and Siri, has become mainstream but its adoption in the healthcare sector is only just now gaining ground. This kind of technology is natural, intuitive, easily accessible, and can often be more convenient than logging on to an online portal.”

Paul Cox, VoCall Founder

As easy as 1-2-3

Easy to integrate

VoCall integrates into your existing phone tree so there’s no need to change what your patients are already doing. They simply call the same number they always do.

Easy to use

VoCall answers the calls and “speak” to them on your behalf. Using voice prompts, VoCall will help your patients confirm, cancel, or reschedule just like one of your schedulers.

Easy to see the results

VoCall makes things easy for your patients – making it easier for them to take care of themselves and keeping them satisfied along the way. And in the end, you get happier, more engaged patients.

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From new appointments to cancellations, learn how you can empower your patients to take control of their schedules through the power of voice.


This information simply lets us know who’s interested in what we have to offer and will remain confidential and never be shared or sold.

Expanding beyond engagement, VoCall has other benefits

Improve employee morale and reduce turnover byminimizing scheduling demands.

Finding great people is difficult. Save your staff from getting bogged down with mundane asks that could easily be handled with technology.

Now you can automate the process and let VoCall handle patient scheduling calls – so your people can focus on more meaningful things that improve your practice and make a positive impact across the board.


Build a thriving practice by reducing time-consuming, tedious tasks, downtime and no-shows.

VoCall provides true cost savings and business continuity for your practice by limiting empty time slots on the schedule because of cancelled or re-scheduled appointments.

Scheduling is complex, but when practice revenues and reputations are at stake, nothing is more important than having the right system In place.


Allscripts approved

VoCall is the only scheduling voice assistant that integrates seamlessly with the Allscripts Practice Management system to fully automate the scheduling workflow. The software solution has been rigorously tested and approved by the Allscripts Development team and is certified as an exclusive Allscripts integration.

VoCall is a scheduling voice assistant for medical practices that uses natural language voice technology to allow patients to easily call and manage their appointments over the phone.

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