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  • Within the first two months of implementation, VoCall was able to handle call volumes equivalent to one full-time employee, freeing up front desk staff to do more critical work.

  • Since patients were able to reschedule appointments easily, the number of no-shows reduced drastically. The clinic saw no-shows reduce by an average of 30.1% compared to the year before VoCall, an equivalent savings of $56,400 per month.

  • Morale in the office improved as VoCall freed them up to spend more time interacting with patients and handling critical practice tasks.


ANSM is a 6-provider practice which sees over 30,000 patient visits per year. With heavy patient loads and over 400 calls coming in per day, they were struggling with having their phones answered to meet their patients scheduling needs. Staff shortages made the problem significantly worse. They had already implemented online scheduling tools but needed more. Patients and staff were frustrated and it was taking a toll on the practice’s morale.


The practice needed a solution that could take some of the call volume off the staff, while being easy to implement and did not require significant training or equipment. They have complex scheduling system that accommodates over 60 special appointment types, so the solution needed to be able to handle their needs. Patient satisfaction is very important to them and they wanted to have a voice-based solution that was friendly and easy to use.


ANSM implemented VoCall in March of 2021. The installation took 2 weeks, which included connecting to their Allscripts Practice Management system and plugging into their phone tree. It was set up so patients call the same number they normally do for the practice, and get diverted to VoCall when they ask to reschedule, cancel, or confirm appointments.

“VoCall has made my job possible instead of impossible.”

~ Scheduler at ANSM

As easy as 1-2-3

Easy to integrate

VoCall integrates into your existing phone tree so there’s no need to change what you’re already doing. And the intuitive dashboard puts all the stats at your fingertips.

Easy to use

VoCall works on its own so there’s nothing new for your people or your patients to learn. Which means there’s no training needed to use the platform. No training. Only timesaving.

Easy to see the results

VoCall doesn’t require additional front office staff to operate the system. It runs in the background answering calls on your behalf. So you and your teams are free to do more with less.

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VoCall is a scheduling voice assistant for medical practices that uses natural language voice technology to allow patients to easily call and manage their appointments over the phone.

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